Friday, October 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

Communicating effectively with potential customers is one highly requirement in call center companies. Effective communication, that's what I thrive on in every single day of my work. I've been doing a lot of work in the said business. And I can say, as a call center agent, I've gone through all the customer service interactions.

Being a call center agent is never that easy. You have to exhaust all the possibilities in work. And it takes a lot of skills and efforts to survive the work and fulfill the given duties. In my case, I had to acclimatize myself with the duties and responsibilities of a call center agent. Answering phone calls is what I do every night, while building customer relationships is the main goal of my work fulfillment.

I use the customer's eye to fulfill their needs by providing a firm solution. In this way, I put the customers needs in mind. No matter what happens, I always put in mind that I have to get this job whatever it takes, in the most efficient manner. Patience is the number one virtue that a call center agent needs to practice. Admit it that in each day, you will have to deal with rugged and arrogant clients in regards of their complaints. I have to remain patient and understanding in order to keep customers calm and negotiable. Well, that's part of customer services, you have to humble yourself and work professionally. And as I get used to my job, I get better each day.

My daily responsibility is to assist all time customers and acquaint them with certain issues and information, offering them service solutions. As an agent, I have to know the most up to date information and must be able to help customers in a quick and accommodating manner. Other responsibilities include billing support collections, complaint resolution, document processing, inquiry services, telemarketing and technical support.

My communication skills reflects on my every day performance. When I communicate clearly, I'm able to set expectations and goals. Accountability comes along by taking charge in providing a solution in every customer's problem. And that gives justice to my responsiveness ability because I am able to fix certain issues right away.

These are the expected grounds in call centers. This work allows me to improve my existing skills and gain further experience, not just in effective communication, but also in building customer relationships. It elevates my professional knowledge in doing contact customer services. All through this, I get the chance to work and cooperate with a team and this makes our project information more accessible as ever.

Written by: Mae Winky Mozelle D. Veluz.

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