Saturday, October 8, 2011

ITI Philippines: Further Enhancing the New Face of the Call Center Industry

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest growing industry in the Asia Pacific Region. Marking its way towards the Visayas region, it is a fact that the call center industry employs a huge chunk of the population. Thus, it stands to reason why the employment in the Philippines alone soared to great heights after the industry's first year in the country.

As of last year, the call center industry has generated 525,000 jobs translating to $9.1 billion dollars worth of export revenues. This is expected to further increase this year, as big names in the call center industry continue to invest in the Philippines.

A New Breed of Investors

Considering the uproar in the Visayas region, the city of Bacolod, in partnership with the city government and some groups from the private sector, launched a series of projects that will help sustain the call center industry in the province. In preparing Bacolod for this expected development, the city government geared up by tapping the province's resources, as it builds sites to accommodate the emerging call center industry.

In lieu of the expansion, the city government instructed the construction of few more IT centers to house at least 41,000 more employees. The three-story building in a 12,000 square meter lot in Paglum Sports Complex, which is constructed by the city government, will definitely add to the many accomplishments of the province. Although still a plan awaiting fulfillment, it will hail Negros as the new frontier of the continuously flourishing call center industry in the Philippines, thus adding 1,000 additional job openings for the locals. 

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