Monday, January 16, 2012

Filipino in the World of Call Center Industry

Putting up a call center company nowadays seems to be an easy, manageable task. It is more of like selecting a President and his assistant to form the Executive Board in a Glee Club and voila, you're up to recruite the best talents in town. It is no surprise then that Filipino-owned call center companies are quickly becoming the trend in the BPO industry. Foreign investors are not the kings in the arena anymore. Even we, Filipinos, equipped with sufficient financial resources and management skills are able to establish a call center company that is at par with the rest in the industry. The only thing that would make you think twice on investing in such kind of business are the challenges or the undertakings that goes along with it - competitors, market and the clients. But given with the skills in strategic management, we are able to establish a strong company that comprise of competitive talents, effective management and perhaps, big-time clients.

We are actually able to compete with foreign investors and other multinational BPO companies to acquire clients that are big in their respective industries (i.e. General Motors, Wal-Mart). Getting into this kind of competition is a diffcult venture in itself for we are competing with the best and the biggest in the BPO industry. The second challenge would be how to retain your clients in your portfolio. Of course, how would a company be able to impress its clients if they are not able to live up with quality service? The answer now lies to acquiring the best and the most effective talents not just in the customer service arena but also on the management side. Thus, if a company has a better pool of talents and savvy business management skills, then it ready to venture into a robust competition of getting big-time clients and high-return on investment.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Call Center in the Philippines

Call centers, especially in the Philippines, are growing like mushrooms after a rainy day. But because of the increase in number, competition starts to get intense, which leads call center companies to reevaluate their plans to gain more profit while taking in more projects. Increase in number also means increase in workload. With this, some companies also turn to outsourcing. Outsourcing is the process of contracting a business function to someone else. Organizations that outsource not only make their companies more profitable, they also help their people or their employees to grow with the industry not only financially but also professionally. Companies may outsource their work in order to optimize their work-leisure balance. Those that turn to outsourcing also help enhance capacity for innovation and gain access to a larger talent pool and a sustainable source of skills. To ensure the effectiveness of outsourcing, companies should also bear in mind to set standards, particularly when in comes to hiring employees, because the future of the company not only depends on the workload but also on the quality of work the people produce.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Benefits of Call Center Business

We all know that Call Centers are customer service department which provide answers to the customers' queries. These include sales, technical support and even medical transcription. The invention of these kind of businesses have been adopted seriously by different organizations as it it believed to make a huge difference to the bottom line of the company. It is also believed to dramatically and effectively cut the cost and increase the earrning of a particular business. That is why, it was never a question why most affluent countries in the Americas and Europe tried to outsourced their call centers in third-world countries. It is because it has been proven for such organizations to develop a more feasible, organized and a leaner structure.  
The main reason why companies take a chance on outsourcing is because of its cost benefits. According to studies, companies who have adapted the call center trends can save up to 50%. More so, it has opened a lot of opportunities for developing countries  with high levels of unemployment. And since,cost of setting new businesses in developing countries are low, the company is able to save a lot of money and resources.  
Call center companies, also have an imperative advantage for customer service. As it is a major contributor in an organization's success, it can improve the core areas of any organization  such as production, sales as well as distribution. It is a key element to help companies invest more time and effort in any of it activities. Therefore, a better organization and a clearer future of your business can easily be achieved.  
With call center, a business would surely ensure a greater expansion and support staff without incurring any major costs. It also gives businesses a sense of security which is proven to last even in a bad economy.  
While there are many misconceptions about the benefits of a call center, these certainly remained to be misconceptions. Call center companies, offer the best for a single person and even to the country's economy. It does not only help in decreasing the  large-scale unemployment in different countries but it can also help in alleviating the sufferings of the people involved in an abominable economy. 

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Friday, November 25, 2011

When Starting a Call Center Business

Starting an effective call center business venture is pretty much tricky. But there is no need to worry about that actually, because now is the perfect time for everyone to start up a call center company. Why? because the world is in knee-deep in information age. Ergo, information implosion is an eventuality, making call center companies the star of the show. There are four types of call centers: the in house call center, the ones that attend to the customer service needs of that company alone; the outsource call centers, the ones who provide client relation services for other companies; the inbound call centers, the one who receives incoming communications from customers; and outbound call centers, the one who attempts correspondence with clients through phone calls. Being able to determine which among the four types is needed is the most essential factor for starting an effective venture. Just as Sun Tzu would always say: know your enemy, meaning you should always know the demands of the market. It is really against the laws of common sense to venture into something that nobody needs, this is why you don't see any VHS rental stores in every corner today. Putting that into consideration will lead us to the next factor; the business plan. Every market has its own corresponding approach. Why? because we're talking about business here, not one-size-fits-all-condoms. This is where the business plan will come in handy; with a proper tool and research, one could safely choose an effective approach that will fit to your market's needs. With these information in mind, I am pretty confident that you will be able to start an effective call center venture. Just don't forget to settle your necessary government permits though, you don't want to be having problems with the government for sure.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Advantages of Call Center Business

In today's complex world where everyone hardly continues to look for a better job, call center companies widely open doors and give bigger opportunities.
Your business career doesn't need to be unstable as the economy. In the business world, one comes in and the rest follows. Deemed as the sunshine industry of the Philippines, call centers have indeed attracted thousands of employees. Keeping your voice busy introduces the daily rotation of call center agents. Obviously, call centers are in high demand and it encourages people to venture their luck from one company to another.
Call centers are rapidly growing fast and so does its employees and clients. The business on demand market is exceeding the rest of the industry as the increasing number of call center companies expand their business' features and offers.

These are the common advantages and benefits of call centers:

  1. Call centers do not require college graduates. You can work even if you are only a high school graduate for as long as you have the ability to speak and understand English properly.
  2. Good Money: The salary for call center employees usually starts from 15,000 up 35, 000. And that depends on your performance level and work experience in the field as well.
  3. Night Differential: Those employees who are assigned to work night shift or graveyard shift could earn beyond their basic salary. They will definitely get a lot from night differential pay.
  4. Great benefits: HMO coverage and allowances: This includes rice, transportation, clothing and sometimes even for gas.
  5. Promotion: You'll have the chance to get promoted in call centers depending on your work performance and determination. This will definitely increase your salary as well as your work responsibilities.
Written by: Mae Winky Mozelle D. Veluz.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tips in Handling Angry Callers

As a call center agent, you will encounter customers' different tempers. It is part of your job to assist them and deal with them in no matter what reasons. You will have to help customers who are irate and as you go along with the challenging conversation, it is important to maintain your focus and attend to your job responsibility as well as to your customers’ needs. Whether good or bad, you have to solve the problem at hand.

Do not Personalize:
It is important to know what are the limits of your job. If there's a time you'll get to experience the perverse attitudes and caustic tones of these kind of callers, just keep in mind that everything you do is for the business purposes and has something to do with essential code of professionalism. So you don't have to drag your temper into the situation and need not be too emotional. Do not personalize anything what these callers say to you. Take the easiest way to control your temper and attend to your duties instead. Listen to them carefully and offer a firm solution to pacify them. The most effective way to keep them calm is to utter the comfort phrases such as “I know what are you saying”, “I understand” and “let's put it this way”.

Listen and Be Patient: Give them time to speak and know their issues. Do not interrupt them and let them finish speaking. In this case, you have to keep your job on the ground and be patient. You should control your temper in order not to breach the rules and regulations of a call center business. Take a deep breath and pretend you didn't hear any unnecessary words from these callers.

Apologize and Offer Solutions:
Humble yourself and make an apology even if you know that the customer or caller is wrong. Take a moment to apologize for the inconvenience and for the confusion of the conversation as well. An apology is also a way of making these callers calm. When you apologize, you must guarantee them a solution with their issues. As a call center representative, it is your responsibility to attend to their problems and resolve it.

Written by: Mae Winky Mozelle D. Veluz.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips for Call Center Operational Success

Professional Development is all we need in the business. So here are the fundamental tips to success the call center operations.

  1. Work Engagement: Engagement in work defines the willingness and ability to contribute to the growth and success of the company. It normally delivers job endeavors of an agent where determination and the quality of work reflects.
  2. Competent: A successful call center business must be competent not only in organizational skills but also in handling and applying the traditional business disciplines of the company such as strategic planning, fiscal management, organizational design, financial analysis, business development and assessment and performance administration.
  3. Quality Assurance: Every agent must know their skills and responsibilities in the business. They must know how to apply their skills and handle their duties at work by rights. They must ensure that the work they do and give is in its high quality form. Quality assurance requires monitoring and coaching. In line with this, your calls will be monitored for quality purposes.
  4. Accessible and Reliable Information: All information that the company or the agents give must be accurately delivered to every customer. Given information must be consistent and appropriate so that customers are well-acquainted with certain promotions and issues.
  5. Telephone Sales: Call center businesses have expanded from a simple customer services and operations to managing both services and sales. Deemed as telemarketing is a direct sale which is said to be the best marketing tool to make a sale.   

    Written by: Mae Winky Mozelle D. Veluz.

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