Monday, January 16, 2012

Filipino in the World of Call Center Industry

Putting up a call center company nowadays seems to be an easy, manageable task. It is more of like selecting a President and his assistant to form the Executive Board in a Glee Club and voila, you're up to recruite the best talents in town. It is no surprise then that Filipino-owned call center companies are quickly becoming the trend in the BPO industry. Foreign investors are not the kings in the arena anymore. Even we, Filipinos, equipped with sufficient financial resources and management skills are able to establish a call center company that is at par with the rest in the industry. The only thing that would make you think twice on investing in such kind of business are the challenges or the undertakings that goes along with it - competitors, market and the clients. But given with the skills in strategic management, we are able to establish a strong company that comprise of competitive talents, effective management and perhaps, big-time clients.

We are actually able to compete with foreign investors and other multinational BPO companies to acquire clients that are big in their respective industries (i.e. General Motors, Wal-Mart). Getting into this kind of competition is a diffcult venture in itself for we are competing with the best and the biggest in the BPO industry. The second challenge would be how to retain your clients in your portfolio. Of course, how would a company be able to impress its clients if they are not able to live up with quality service? The answer now lies to acquiring the best and the most effective talents not just in the customer service arena but also on the management side. Thus, if a company has a better pool of talents and savvy business management skills, then it ready to venture into a robust competition of getting big-time clients and high-return on investment.

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