Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Success of Voice-BPO In The Philippines

Part of the contribution to the worldwide growth of the BPO(business process outsourcing) industry comes from the successful offshore call center outsourcing industry in the Philippines. Starting in 2000, the revenue and employment in the call center industry has shown remarkable development, with the Philippines contributing a good 12% to the country's GNP (gross national product). To date, the Philippine call center industry serves as one of the most prominent sources of employment for Filipinos nationwide. 

Why Call Center Outsourcing Services Work in the Philippines

The Philippines has got all three business ace factors required to set off the success of the call center outsourcing services industry. They are as follows: affordable labor costs, availability of dependable technology, and a good source of employees possessed with high-level English-speaking capability and IT skills. For majority of Filipinos who work in the many call center businesses thriving in the country, they consider their work as a long-term career possessed with good advancement opportunities, and coupled with attractive compensation packages plus other financial benefits. On the average, most call center agents earn a monthly wage of at $300. Since this is twice the amount earned by an individual working a minimum-paying job, it stands to reason why the attrition rate in the call center industry in the Philippines is considerably less compared to that of other countries providing the same services. 

The Filipinos' Edge

The capability to deliver top quality services at competitive rates is what makes the Filipinos one of the most sought after employees for call center outsourcing services. Studies of the BPO industry in the Asian region has shown that the Philippines has the highest availability of skilled labor for contact center and customer management operations. 

Because majority of the clientele in the BPO industry are English-speaking countries, especially the US, the Filipinos' English proficiency has served them well, giving them a formidable edge among other countries competing to deliver the same kinds of services. Furthermore, their natural adaptability and strong work ethics, further amplified by that distinctive hospitable trait, and a high IT proficiency to boast of; has concretized their viability, making their services indispensable to the success of BPO companies. 

Currently, there are more than a hundred call center companies operating in the Philippines. Most of them established their headquarters in major business districts such as in Makati, Quezon City, Pasig, and Taguig. Lately, with the advancement of the Internet technology in the country, more companies have branched out to other locations outside Metro Manila, particularly in key cities located in provinces such as Laguna, Baguio City, Angeles City, Cebu City, Bacolod City, Davao City among others. 

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