Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Call Centers and Social Networks

Call center companies are continuously thriving and reaching a wider reach. The continuous success of call center firms make room for better business ventures. An effective business venture would be an inbound/outbound service of a call center that uses social networks as the main platform. Social networking sites are popular to both consumers and businesses. Social networks are used not only to make personal communications but it serves as an alternative platform for businesses.

In using social networks as a type of platform for call centers, firms would not need to setup a system for taking or making calls; instead the call center would just need computer systems and internet connections to connect with their clients. Inbound or outbound communications would be done by agents posting or answering queries on social media such as Facebook. The agents could use the chat function of Facebook to deal with their clients and conduct inbound/outbound functions. In such venture, call centers would not need much people and would just require a few agents to receive or make "calls". This would be a revolutionary venture and the reach would be on a wider scale since social network sites tend to attract countless number of prospective or regular clients.

Using social networking sites would reduce communication issues since the message would be in text form; agents would get the complete message from the client, review it and make an appropriate response. Call center companies need not to worry about the social networks being unpopular in the future; current trends show that social networks will still improve and will break more grounds for years to come.

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